Samurai Selling.

"The true meaning of the term samurai is one who serves and adheres to the power of love". ~ Morihei Ueshiba.

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be anchored by an internal code of conduct and behavior when others are influenced and sent off course by circumstance and conditions? What is it that holds those inspiring people steady, like a rock, when adversity strikes?

The Samurai would say it is "Bushido" or the way. A code of moral principles that Samurai were required to observe.  Bushido and the revered principles of the Samurai are romantic ideals and actionable disciplines that serve to anchor warriors in time of difficulty.

The principles are simple and uncompromising. They are timeless tests that only we know whether we pass on a moment by moment basis. So what are the Samurai principles and how can they help us sell more and be more today? ~ The 7 Samurai principles are:

Gi = Honesty ~ Be acutely honest with yourself and others. There are no shades of gray. There is only honesty and dishonesty.

Rei = Courtesy ~ Samurai do not need to prove their strength. True strength shows itself in times of difficulty and adversity.

Yu = Courage ~ Do what others are afraid to do. Waiting for change, hiding and counting on conditions and others to act is not the way of a Samurai. We must act courageously. We must take action.

Meiyo = Honor ~ There is ultimately only one real judge of your honor and that is you. We each know what we must do and we either do it or avoid it. Honor is in the mirror. If we honestly look into the mirror - If we look within. Our honor or dishonor is revealed ~ It shows itself to us.

Jin = Compassion ~ The Samurai is not like others. He is selfless and develops his power to serve, teach and help others. "Samurai" means to "Serve". The way of Bushido isn't about us - it's about others.

Makoto = Sincerity ~ When a Samurai says he will do something - it's as good as done. There are no circumstances, conditions or obstacles that can prevent him from keeping his word. Speaking and doing are the same action. (This, in my view, is the very essence of Samurai).

Chu = Duty / Loyalty ~ For the Samurai saying or doing something is ownership of that thing. Total accountability and responsibility for all the consequences that follow. There are no excuses or reasons. There's no one to blame or complain about. It's an accountability thing. There is only a duty to be "Samurai" and a loyalty to those we serve.

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