Are You Mad?

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein.

This is one of the most frequently used quotes on change, individual development and success in business, or indeed in life itself. So much so that the quote has become the mantra of virtually every teacher, coach and leader on the planet. But how do we execute on this?
How do we think differently? After all...Habits, and particularly thought patterns, are ingrained. They are familiar and a source of real comfort.

We have to get MAD.

Mad enough to change our Mindset, Actions and Decisions.

If you think the secret is quality - increase your quantity ~ and vice versa. If you think it's all about strong relationships, increase your transactions. If you believe it's all about thinking take more actions.
If you think it's all about doing more, do less. Whoa... That's mad.
Maybe I'm going off the deep end a bit there... But then again...

Take what you believe got you where you are today and ...

Get mad enough to change your... Mindset ~ Actions ~ Decisions.


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