Bad Day.

"So you've had a bad day" ~ Daniel Powter.

You've done what you could. They asked your opinion and you gave it - as honestly as you could.  You've given it your very best. Been loyal, conscientious and cared more than others think is wise. But those you have been loyal to haven't been loyal. Those you wanted to keep going ~ Well they gave up. Those you asked to do the hardest things ~ Took an easier path. ~ You're dissapointed, dejected, and downtrodden. 

You've had a bad day.

One day the people you've influenced will look back on it all ~ They will write to you and say " Thanks ~ I didn't understand it all then but I appreciate it now." Once they are away from the arena. But today they say something else. Something that's not so kind and understanding.

What can you do?  ~ Just think of your family and... smile.

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