The Test.

"Action cures fear." ~ Douglas Horton.

Have you ever taken a test? Of course you have. At school or work. For physical, mental, occupational, or just so others can find out what you're all about. People of all sorts love to view test results and make determinations of how good we are. What the chances are we will be successful at this or that. We like to say that if a person answers, thinks, scores, or responds in a certain way then we can predict...


But here's the thing. When they've studied notorious serial killers across the ages do you know what the common response was when they were asked ~ Why did you do it? ~ Most of them answered...

"Because I liked it."

Winston Churchill told the story of the time he took a Latin test, at the English college Harrow, and turned in a paper with his name, the number 1 (indicating the first question) and an inkblot smudge - nothing more. He didn't like Latin and didn't do it. From this the distinguished teacher concluded that Churchill would amount to absolutely nothing.

Tests are great fun for scholars and thinkers but...

The Results Of Our Actions.

That's The Real Test.

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