Subliminal Stimuli.

"Todays subliminal thought is:"

Does subliminal messaging work or is it all hocus pocus?
Well it depends on who you ask ~ and more importantly how attached they are to the answer.  As the words to a very popular song say...
"A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."

The majority of current scientific research indicates that subliminal messaging simply reinforces actions or behaviors that were already present in the subjects mind. ~ It merely reminds us of stuff.

Now that is not to say this messaging isn't an effective prompt. Subliminal Stimuli (wikipedia) can be looked at much like product placement. But what does that mean? Think about this ~ Why do some people keep going through obstacles and adversity when others give up or take an easier path? What's happening in their mind?

Simple... Some say to themselves... "Strive" ~ Some Say... "Settle".

If there is any merit to subliminal messaging it is really about what we are putting into our own mind. ~ Not what others are putting in there.

"Strive or Settle?"

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