The 2 Choices of Life

"Every choice you make has an end result."
 ~ Zig Ziglar.
Every thought we have. Every idea we encounter. Every interaction, with every person, in our lives effects us in one of two ways. They either comfort us or they challenge us.
We get to choose which we embrace on a moment by moment basis - Comfort or Challenge? Consciously and subconsciously, we seek out both. Every moment of every day. Don't think of the choices we make as either right or wrong ~ They are simply ~ Choices.

Do we want to be comforted or challenged?
What do we really want? If it's validation and support we want - we lean toward the comfort choice. If it's growth and goals - we lean toward the challenge choice. People we encounter in life will provide both at different times and we will provide both to others.
It all comes down to - What do we want at this moment? ~ and ~
What do we want in the future? ~  Comfort or Challenge?
Comfort choices accepted now can create challenges later. Challenge choices accepted now can create comfort later. ~ 2 Choices.

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