Sales Process.

."They say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong." ~ Ronald Reagan.

Every good salesperson has got, or should have, a sales process that works for them. Having a process that helps you identify the stage where breakdowns occur is crucial. A great sales process helps us productively and effectively manage the opportunities in our pipeline. With that said, sales ultimately boils down to two people coming to an agreement and shaking hands (either digitally, verbally or in person). Professionals get to that point by agreeing to next actions which, if performed to each others expectations, lay the foundations of a mutually beneficial relationship.  ~ A Simple Sales Process is:
Qualification - The Stage where every sale really happens.

Discovery - The Listen and Learn - Is there a fit?

Confirmation - The Understandings and next actions.

Agreement - The Handshake, signature or...

Delivery - The Exceeding of ongoing expectations.

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