Do You Use These Words?

"We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out." Winston Churchill

There is a very popular thing going around in business today. It's called "One Word Branding". It goes something like this - Pick a word that best describes you and your differentiator and build your brand around that word. So what do most organizations and individuals pick? Service. We provide "world class service" they say, or "excellent service with a smile". Having a differentiator is very, very important in defining your value proposition. But what does it mean? A differentiator is something you do, or are, better than anyone else. We all should be able to find something, at least one thing, we do better than anyone else - right? So if you pick 'service' that should mean you provide measurably better service than anyone else. People should have said "this was the best service I have ever received - from anyone. If you pick 'reliable' or 'dependable' then that should mean you are more reliable and dependable than anyone else and if you say you have expertise then... (well you get what I mean). But it doesn't turn out that way with the words that most people and organizations pick - the words become just words. If you are doing it right - People should see you as the very best representation of what that word means to them. Customers should be saying it. If you are going to pick the words that everyone else picks you will need to be better than all of them. Or your brand becomes "Full of sound and fury - signifying nothing". Caution - If you use the words below - Be The Best:

Service - Weekdays 9-5 is not world class service.

Expert - Is not what you say you are - it's what others say.

Responsive - This means your cell phone number and 24/7.

Budget / Value - You'd better be the cheapest.

Prompt / Reliable / Dependable - One slip is all it takes.

Creative - Everyone says it - but customers vote.

Bottom line - If you use these words - Be The Best.

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