What People Want.

"To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved."

~ George MacDonald.

Ask people what they want and you get a million different answers.
But there is a common denominator. Ask an athlete. A wife. A child. Your customers. Ask any business owner and certainly ask a soldier.

Then Listen.

Ask a soldier what they miss after they've been out for a few years. Ask an athlete what they miss the most after they have left the competition. Ask a child what they miss as they move into adulthood and assume responsibilities. Ask an old timer what they truly miss.

What's the common denominator?

Soldiers call it "brotherhood". Athletes call it the "bond". Children call it "love". But what is it that we all really want?

It's someone we can trust to "Cover Our Six". Confident trust in another human being to "cover your six" is the essence of parenthood, team sports, military service and great relationships in business. Executives ask it of their employees. Customers ask it of companies. Children ask it of parents. Wives ask it of husbands. Human beings ask it of other human beings. ~ It's what people really want.

But it's rarer than diamonds.That's why it's so remarkable when you do find it. Trust is what people really want when all is said and done.

Once someone has confidence in you to "cover their six" whether it's your customer, employer, friends or family you've given them the greatest gift. You've given them something that can't be priced, commoditized or copied. It's truly unique and priceless.

So Go Ahead ~ Cover Someones Six. ~ It's what they really want.

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