Bruce Lee and Twitter

"To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person." Bruce Lee
Think about Twitter as a metaphor for business, sales and indeed life. In life we try to surround ourselves with people that we like and respect. People that provide value to us. Naturally we find out, over time, that some do not provide value and so, if we are smart, we "unfollow" those negative or neutral influences. The ones we continue to "like", amuse, entertain and provide comfort to us. The ones we choose to respect challenge us and, hopefully, we learn from them.
So where does Bruce Lee come in? There are some people out there, in Twitterville, and in life, that are simply on a different plane. Intellectually, through their achievements, insights, skill sets, what they've done, how they think, or simply who they are - they dwarf us. They are the ones who can literally "kick our ass". They are the Bruce Lee's in cyberspace and indeed in life and they are some of the most valuable assets we can ever hope to bring into our lives. It is often said that we get better only by playing against the very best. We grow only by getting our asses kicked. Forget about likes - there are plenty of "nice" people to meet and like. Forget about respect - there are many people we can find to respect. When we find a Bruce Lee we have to raise our game or we get our ass kicked. Our content needs to have differentiated value. Our focus has to be laser like and our ego needs to be left at the door. We have to get out of our own way when we seek out a relationship with them - because if we don't - They will "unfollow" us and that is certainly our loss. Because there are not many like Bruce Lee to be found and getting them to pay attention to us for any length of time takes some real work on our part. We need to raise our game. Anything we want, any goal, any achievement and any relationship worthwhile takes work, hard work. So what's the secret to success on Twitter, in sales, in business and indeed in Life?
Find a Bruce Lee, learn, and get your ass kicked a few times.

Seek out and learn from the very best - They help us grow.

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  1. Nice post Dan...finding those that provide meaningful content is sometimes a difficult process. Keep the post coming.