The Scary Gorilla in Social Media

"If you don't ask, you don't get." Mahatma Gandhi

There is a scary gorilla lurking in the background of social media today and nobody wants to talk about it. People are holding conversations, writing blogs, preaching, teaching and venting opinions and hoping that if they get enough followers, comments, friends and 'likes' something remarkable is going to happen. People are going to buy their stuff. People are going to buy their service, product or 'expertise'. They won't have to ask for the sale anymore - it's just going to happen because common interests were shared between two people in cyberspace. Hm-mm... that would be nice though wouldn't it? Why am I addressing this? Recently a guy named David A. Brock called me after reading a comment I made on his blog. We talked for a while and he said "Dan we should get together for lunch". Now I know David is a consultant and I know he is furthering the relationship by taking it from online banter to a 'real' meeting but I had to give the guy credit. He had the courage and gravitas to take the digital to the real. He did what very few in cyberspace do - He made a real connection. David is not alone in this. Paul Castain did it and Ray Charland even had the gumption to ask for business online (even before we had established a relationship). Was I offended? No. Does any of this mean I will do business with these guys? No. But they certainly earn my respect for doing what most of the web wimps fear to do. They Asked For The Sale.

What's the bottom line?

Wake up people - Social media is a great communication portal - But you are still going to have to ask for the sale at some point. There is no easy way to getting good at anything. Connect - but then make it real.

You are still going to have to ask for the sale.

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  1. Dan: Amen and Amen. You've hit on an idea that many of us have missed. Therefore, I'd like to call and see if you need help working with your staff on how to sell to clients through the art of story. I know this dynamite presenter that would love to visit California again :). Thanks again for your insights -