Confidence & Arrogance.

"I see myself capable of arrogance... That's a fierce thing, to discover within yourself that which you despise the most in others." 
~ George Stevens.

What's the difference between confidence and arrogance? It's kind of like art - "we know it when we see it". Arrogance gets us into messes. ~ Confidence gets us out.

Centuries ago when a Roman General rode through the streets, celebrating a great military victory, he would hire a lowly slave to stand behind him in the chariot to whisper in his ear ~ "Memento Mori" ~

"Remember that you are but a man".

Arrogance forgets this. Arrogance doesn't listen. Confidence Listens. Arrogance Instructs. Confidence Inspires. Arrogance doesn't recognize the need to change or listen. Arrogance thinks he knows.

Arrogance proclaims what's right and who is wrong.

Arrogance postures and boasts, dismisses different perspectives and doesn't learn from others. Arrogance proclaims insights, creativity and being "self made". ~ Nobody is self made.

Arrogance describes himself as merely confident. But others see him for what he is. Arrogance Alienates. Confidence Allies. Arrogance Asserts. Confidence Assists. Arrogance Insists. Confidence Inquires. Confidence recognizes that others have answers and seeks them out. Confidence is Quiet. Arrogance is Loud. Confidence looks for qualities to praise in others. Arrogance looks to proclaim his own qualities.

What's the difference between Confidence & Arrogance?

One see himself as A man - The other as THE man.

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  1. Confidence got me out of the projects of Brooklyn. Young success bred arrogance that my wife says weathering has tempered, but I continue to battle. Thank you for an apt description of the difference between the two.

    There was a scene from Quo Vadis, an epic film about Nero, that began with an explanation of "Memento Mori" that left an indelible mark upon me.