10 Tips For A Go-Getter.

"Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.
" ~ Bill Bradley.

Are you a Go Getter? No Really. I'm not talking about someone who is looking to make a comfortable way through life or business. I'm not talking about someone who puts in an eight hour shift and then goes home. I'm not talking about work - life balance here. I'm talking about naked ambition and drive. I'm talking about having a hunger to lead, make a difference in business and influence others. If that's you - then the tepid leadership tomes and cookie cutter advice out there doesn't help you too much. You need specific bullet points on what to do, how to think and act, and how to impress those who can help you get where you want to go. So here we go ~ 10 Tips For A Go Getter:

No Whining - Whatever you get in life is up to you. Never blame, make excuses or give reasons. It's all about "Results not Reasons". If you fall short of expectations suck it up - give no excuses and dive in again. The mantra is always get results. Nothing impresses and promotes quicker than someone who consistently delivers results.

Work Harder - Forget the work smarter not harder crap. Working harder will hold you in good stead as you drive to the top. It impresses those you need to impress and besides it gets results. You are smart enough to know what to focus on and work hard at - only an idiot can't determine where to put the effort to get results. If you are not working harder than your boss how in the hell are you going to impress him?

Listen & Learn - Having confidence is one thing but not learning from those who are already where you want to go is just plain stupid. Ego can drive and it can destroy. Find a mentor, surround yourself and learn from those who are where you want to go. Listen up. Yes I really mean Listen Up - not sideways from peers. Learn and apply the lessons from those in positions where you want to go. Think ROI. Recognize the difference between Top Line and Bottom Line results. Know how to Identify A and B players. Learn to do what leaders respect. Immerse yourself in the things that drive a business.

Be Dependable - Nothing beats someone you can depend on to be there when you need them. Someone who gets results while others rest. That means - never late, never absent, never sick. If that's too stringent a standard. Then you're a conditional go getter.

Love It - Go-Getters have passion. They love it when conditions and circumstances are at the worst. That's when they shine. While others whimper, whine and recoil from "unreasonable expectations" go getters embrace them. In the most dire situations a true go getter shows character, and what they're truly made of, by "Loving it."

Lead & Influence - Nothing impresses and influences leadership (after results) more than the ability to influence others. As you rise to the top make sure you teach others what you are learning and influence them to follow your example. "Be the change you want to see in the world" Lead by Example and Influence Others.

Be Selfless not Selfish - Naked ambition will create animus. Get used to the idea. With that said the only way to mitigate this is to focus your attention and drive on getting results that benefit others. Your success as a go-getter is in direct proportion to how much your efforts benefit others. The perks, plaudits and promotions you get along the way are a bi product. Deliver results that benefit others.

Set Metrics - Forget the fluff. Metrics drive business. Set clearly defined numeric goals. Measure your actions and results. And most of all - share those metrics with those above you. Make sure you are on the same page with their expectations and then go ahead and exceed those expectations. Metrics Matter.

Fail - If you are not failing you are not setting your sights high enough. You've got to fail, fall short and go after it again. Leaders will judge you on how well you respond to setbacks and whether you lower your expectations or drive harder and higher.

Pass Tests - All leaders test Go-Getters. They do it in many different ways. Little tasks they ask to be completed. A barrage of unreasonable vitriol to see how you react. Or a big hairy goal that can't be met. Leaders need to find out whether you can withstand pressure - make sure you pass the little tests.

Are You A Go Getter?


  1. Great post... it's funny how there are times when a story, blog or lesson feels like it is directed right towards me and hits home. This one in particular was definitely a "WAKE UP" call, and much needed.

    Thank you!

  2. Having lots of good talks with my boys these days about 'being dependable' and living 'selfless and not selfish'. I, for one, was very, very fortunate and blessed to have parents and grandparents who were models of these things. I stand on the shoulders of giants!! Thanks Dan