Don't Be Sorry

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.
~ Benjamin Franklin

Surrounding ourselves and working with consummate professionals is one of the true joys of being in business. Working with a flake can be one of our worst nightmares. How do you know the difference before you get in with anyone too deep? How can you tell early whether someone is a professional or a flake? There are simple tell tale signs. Flakes apologize a lot. They apologize for being late. They apologize for being unprepared. They apologize for not meeting commitments and they apologize for - well a whole lot of things. Customers don't have to accept apologies. They shouldn't. Want to become a consummate professional? Be better prepared than anyone else. Ask more questions. Care more about what others want than what you want. NEVER BE LATE. Be the person that others can totally depend on. Customers don't have to understand your reasons. They shouldn't give us a second chance. The mantra is "Give Results Not Reasons". In business we don't deserve a second chance. That's the bottom line. Business goes to those that provide the most value. "There's no crying in business." I say to every salesperson, every vendor, every employee and every executive if you really want to succeed in business:

"Don't be Sorry - Be Squared Away."

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