The Success Formula

"If you don't know what you want to do, it's harder to do it."
~ Malcolm Forbes

When a bright eyed youngster asks you "What's the secret to success?" What do you say? When someone looks for simple guidance and perspective what do you give them? You know that they don't want a sermon or a moralizing philosophy. They want something that they can customize to their needs and build on. What's your answer? Sometimes we lean on the tried and true lessons of the past - the wisdom of sages. Sometimes we spout generic "Just Do It' instructions with a deferential bow to desire and drive. And sometimes we just talk about our perspective, our experience, and our lessons learned. We give them an ego driven backhand that smashes the ball back across the net as if we are trying to win a point. That's not what they're asking for. They want a foundation. A framework that fits sales, business and life. They want a formula that they can manage, mould and measure. They want something that works. Something that helps them define direction and results. They want something that clearly says "Here is what I am". The answer lies in three components. Each is equally important. The formula breaks down when you leave out any of the three. The success formula is I + A + M = I AM.

Inspiration: Where do you get it from? What drives, inspires you, and fuels your internal drive? What words, images, sounds, people, relationships, concepts and values define you? Use inspiration to identify who you are, where you want to go and what matters to you.

Action: The world is filled with inspiring entertainment. Inspiration without action however is just that - entertainment. Inspiration is fuel. Action is the accelerator. Don't just be inspired - Take Action.

Metrics: Inspiration is fuel and actions get you moving but its metrics that really matter. If you don't measure your actions and your results how do you know how well you're doing? Don't be fluffy - be focused. Key Performance Indicators are critical in all aspects of sales, business and life. Measure and map your journey, actions and results.

Identify what inspires you. Use your inspirations to show the world who you are and where you want to go. Inspiration is your mapquest and your fuel gauge. Action is what gets you out of park and puts your foot on the accelerator. Action moves you. Metrics determine how fast you're going and how far along your journey you've gone.

Want a success formula? Try "I AM".

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