The Best

"I am easily satisfied with the very best." - Winston S. Churchill

Do you see things in people - things that you like, admire and respect? Do you notice remarkable traits in others? Do you appreciate great quality in products, service and people? Of course you do - we all do. We talk about them, respect them, admire them and sometimes stand in awe of what we call "The Best". The Best is easily acknowledged - It's "The Best." There is little debate with great. Good is subjective. Great is Great. Better is subjective. The Best is the Best. The Best Things. The Best People. The Best Achievements. The Best Relationships. The Best Life. They all have traits, attributes and qualities that we can identify. We try to incorporate the best into our lives. We love to associate, work with and be around the best. We want to compete with the best and be on the best teams. We strive to emulate what the best do. We strive to enjoy the best experiences, relationships and things. And yet all too often we settle for less than the best. The Best Doesn't Come Easy. But the Best Know that. The Best isn't expensive. It's Rare, it's Valuable and It Has A Cost. But here is the funny thing about the Best. If we have to ask the cost - If we are concerned with the price we have to pay - the best may remain out of our reach because as we all know:

The Best Is - Priceless.

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