Have You Ever...?

"Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone". ~ G.B. Stern

Have you ever really said Thank You? I don't mean the every day kind. I don't mean the kind you say out of courtesy. I mean - Really Said - Thank You. The kind of thank you that comes from the depths of your soul. The kind of thank you that tells a person that they really made a difference in your life. The kind of thank you that humbles you. Have you ever choked back your ego and said to someone I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and what you mean to me? Saying thanks is easy - we throw the words out there every day. But how about taking a moment and making a list. A list of those who have really made a difference in your life. A list that includes a child, a spouse, a mentor, a veteran, a boss, a friend or an associate. Take a moment and write out a real "from the depths of my soul" thank you list. Then think before you give them the greatest gift you possibly can. A sincere and heartfelt thank you. Go ahead. Call, write or tell them in person. Say Thank You from the heart. Isn't that what thanksgiving is all about?

Silent Gratitude Isn't Much Use To Anyone.


  1. Great post! Thank You :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I have made a "Thank you list" in the past and it's an amazing feeling knowing that you are truly thanking that person for being in your life. I feel that a new "thank you list" is in need soon. Great post!