The Salesman.

"Whatever advice you give, be short." ~ Horace.

A young salesman, just starting his career, went out to lunch with the best salesperson in the company and asked for his advice and insight. Leaning across the table the young man said to the seasoned veteran

"What Are The Greatest Sales Tips In The World?"

The senior salesman smiled then picked up his napkin and wrote on it "The Greatest Sales Tips In The World". He paused for a moment, thought, and pushed the napkin back across the table to the rookie.

Confused the young apprentice said "But you didn't write any tips?" The old campaigner lifted his eyes and in a barely whispered voice said

"There are going to be lots of people that can give you tips and advice. Much of it is good stuff. But let me ask you "What would you say to someone asking you the same question?" ~ What would you write on this napkin? ~ Because The Greatest Sales Tip I Can Give You Is:

Take the advice you would give.

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