Selling In 2012.

"Arrived too late, act already done." ~ Nostradamus.

In 2012 many commentators predict massive and sudden destructive events of global and even cosmic proportion that will result in the loss of billions of human lives. Some suggest the Earth itself may be destroyed with the loss of all life. ~ So what are we to do?

Sell A Whole Bunch Of Stuff.

If there was ever a time to prospect, qualify, and sell better than you've ever done before. Now is the time. Hell it's the end of the world. Forget tomorrow, social media, and all the long term stuff.  ~ Sell 'em now.

Close 'em up.

Come on ~ In 2012 just be the selling machine you've always wanted to be ~ what have you got to lose? The world is coming to an end. ~ So here's what you do. Forget all the smart advice. Guillotine the gurus. Swig down some coffee you closer. You don't need to learn or listen to anyone any more. It's the end ~ Armagedon is upon us.

Be a widget warrior this year, a transaction terror. Let's move some merchandise. Think about it. Those that mind don't matter. Those that matter won't mind. Enough of all the fluff - Let's Focus. ~ Do it for your Family and your Friends  ~ The 'experts' say that it's all over so...
  • Profile your prospects.
  • Pitch "Today is the last day" (because it really is)
  • Close em up now. ~ Today.
Get out there and sell.  TODAY ~ You're A Selling Machine.


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