The Critic.

Just who am I to criticize?

We all do it. We notice and pay attention to the failings and missteps of others a little more than our own. We are Coaches, Comedians and Critics all. It's easy to see what others need to work on. Some call it helping, some satire and some constructive insight. ~ It's Not.

Take any great person from history, any one, and focus on their personal frailties and failings. It's easy to find them. Are those the point? Are our failings who we are? Isn't it up to us to ultimately recognize and do something about those dastardly things that we all know so well about ourselves.~  Isn't that why it's called self help?

So when we coach and communicate. When we want to help. Do we honestly believe that the person doesn't know their failings? Is it really about pointing them out ~ Does our emphasis get them to take action?

Perhaps if we light a candle to their strengths. Tell them what we like and admire first. Tell them what good qualities we've noticed and learned from them and then ~ Ask them what they think they need to work on. Perhaps if we can get them to initiate an inward look rather than responding to an external judgement. We may get somewhere together. ~ But ultimately isn't personal development personal?

We can lead a horse to water but we can't make them drink.

Just who am I to criticize
What I perceive with my dull eyes
I'll hold my candle high and then
Perhaps I'll see the hearts of men.

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