Your Book.

"You know you're writing a book don't you? ~ It's the story of your life."
The Matron.

The young boy at the orphanage was being lectured by the matron once again. Most of her talks went in one ear and out the other - but for some reason this one stuck with him. Just remember this she said ~

"Each day we write a new page in this book we call life. We get to write what we want in this book. Our experiences, relationships, accomplishments, and our response to challenges. They're all up to us. So what's it going to be? ~ What's going to be in your book?"

What are you going to write in your book today? Is it going to be inspiring or depressing?  A comedy, tragedy, action thriller, or romance ~ What's it going to be today? Are you a hero or a villain. A soldier, student, servant or sage? Do you want to play the victor or the victim. The champion or the critic? You get to choose ~ You're the author.

You know people are reading it already. But right now it's more like the fine print. Some read it, most don't. Some pay a little attention but most don't care. That doesn't matter. ~ They've got their own books to worry about. But at the end of this thing called life people are going to read your book again and they're going to talk about it for a while.

Make your book one that friends and foes alike want to read.

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