"Know thyself." ~ Plato.

In the east they call it 'Satori'. ~ It literally means understanding. Combined with the experience of 'kensho', or seeing into our own true nature and purpose. Satori is considered the first step.

We can accomplish many things without ever taking this first step. Without satori.  Most of us agree that we are our own worst enemy. We get in our own way in life, more than others do, with the thoughts, preconceptions, beliefs, behaviors, habits, and actions that we rationalize. We often confuse rationalizing with reasoning. After all is said and done a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.  We can go all the way to the end of this thing called life without satori. Some find its introspection and 'fluffiness' irrelevant to our ~ 'Just Do It' ~ world, especially in the west. They have a valid point. Action certainly cures fear and gets things done. ~ I respect action.

But if we buy into the premise that the first step on a longer journey is satori, a true understanding of ourselves. If we don't accept our dogs admiration as conclusive evidence that we are wonderful. Then we will need, at some point in our life, to take an honest reckoning  and conduct a brutal self evaluation. ~ And at that time we may find satori, an understanding, and conclude that the problem and the solution

Is not you ~ It's me.

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