Jump Change.

"Would you make a jump like that if you didn't have to?"
~ Butch Cassidy.

There are two attitudes and approaches to change.

One ~ We agree with the approach to change. Take it in small increments, get used to each step, gain confidence and grow with every little action taken - It's nice, comfortable and popular.

Two ~ We disagree with the approach, Don't Like It, It's way out of our comfort zone of thoughts and habits. It's too big a jump ~ But we jump into the fear anyway ~ It's nasty, uncomfortable and very unpopular.

In one we need some coaching, convincing, support and willpower.

In the other we need either to jump with someone we respect and trust, have no other choice or one hell of a backbone.

Change ~ Lots Of Little Steps or One Big Jump.

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  1. Dan: I was JUST thinking about incremental change when I read your blog. I will share with my readers. By the way, this is my favorite scene in Butch Cassidy.

    Great blog. Thank you for the reminder!