First In - Last Out

"Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working"

Most people think it's crazy, I don't care. First in and last out is a habit that was forged from observing men who set a tremendous example. Men that said very little and asked nothing of us that they were not doing themselves. This impressed an impressionable boy immensely. So setting the keypad before people arrive at work and again when the sun goes down is a symbolic privilege and joy that I cherish. And what goes on in between those hours is invigorating. People strive, drive, learn, grow and contribute and I get to play along with them as we struggle to realize the enormous potential the big guy has given us - together. For over thirty years at five different companies I have had the privilege of opening and closing the business and observing the best characteristics of those who strive in America to provide for their families and build something to be proud of. Some people meet me at the door as the sun rises and some have to be encouraged to leave as it sets. In between there is a vibrant hum of activity & achievement that motivates and inspires me. The day is framed by a keypad & the sun
. Family and friends understand. I work half a day -12 hours - from 6am till 6pm, and the other half is for them. It's a simple program for a simple guy framed by a keypad and the sun. God I love this country.

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