A Great Way To Say - Thank You.

"Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone." ~ G.B. Stern.

One of the great joys in life is hearing two simple words "Thank You".

As we journey through business and life, become more successful, and get older we all start to acquire 'buffers' - Buffers are the people and technology that assist us in dealing with life's details. They make life easier to navigate and give us time to focus and prioritize our attention on what's important to us. But... We sometimes forget how powerful and meaningful a spoken "Thank You" can be.

Over the years we connect with more than a few people that we like, admire and respect - We recommend their services, blogs, links and character and invariably appreciation is tendered in many ways. A reciprocal connection, email, letter or note is now often accompanied by a tweet, friend or follower. And all of those are really great sentiments - But you know what really makes a difference? When someone calls us up on the phone and says "Thank You".

A facebook posting, a tweet sent through cyberspace, an email of appreciation, a comment on a blog and hand written notes are really appreciated and thoughtful but when someone takes the time to call and say "Thank You" - It's Truly Priceless. Whether it's a friend, associate, mentor, connection, or just someone you appreciate...

Make them feel really good - Call em up.


  1. Great post Dan and I wish I could say I was great at doing this. I do send a lot of handwritten notes and I see them on cubicle walls because so very few people "write" anymore. But calling is much more personal and the words "thank you" are sweet.

  2. Steve,

    Thank You for your kind words. A personal handwritten note is without a doubt a thoughtful and differentiated consideration that more people should use. It shows true class from the sender and something I appreciate tremendously. Thanks again Steve.