Living the Dream in San Diego

"Stay Classy San Diego". Ron Burgundy

San Diego, California - Americas Finest City - Where it's 72 degrees year round and the living is easy. People come from all around the world to visit here and some stay. The attitude is laid back and the sun is always shining - what does that do for business? It creates opportunity for people - but not the way you might think. People don't think of San Diego as a place to come to work - they think of it as a place to come to relax. And that creates real opportunity. It is no secret that California employers look for east coast attributes and mid west values. There is a Yin and Yang thing going on. To be productive in business you need to conduct transactions with a sense of urgency, have a strong work ethic and a drive to exceed expectations and accomplish objectives. To enjoy life people need to relax, smile more and build mutually beneficial relationships. Developing both sides of the same coin and recognizing that they are not mutually exclusive is challenging for most people. Driving transactions with an East coast fervor and creating relationships based on Mid West values while enjoying California dreams takes 'skills'. But then if you want to thrive in San Diego and live the dream that is exactly what you need to do. San Diego is Americas finest city and like anything that is the 'finest' there's a cost. Learning to develop both your Yin and Yang is the cost. The attitude you need to succeed in business in San Diego is the attitude you need to succeed in America. "Stay Classy San Diego."

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