No Where Else To Go?

"Being sincere is the easiest part of selling. It's simply a matter of caring about your customer and believing in what you sell. If you don't feel this way, my advice to you is to seek other employment or find a product to sell that you believe in." Joe Girard

I worked in a boiler room once. Most old time salesman have at one time or another in their lives. It seems like ages ago - and indeed it was. Now I get to pontificate, like a lot of 'C Suite' guys do, about highfalutin concepts and long term strategies and I get to smile and shake hands with 'movers and shakers' on a daily basis. I get to speak about character traits and work with intelligent, energetic, enthusiastic and invigorating people who smile as they go about making their mark in the world. These days our whole team interviews candidates for employment and recommends who we should consider hiring. I get to see who they think would be a good person to add to our team and I remember back to the days, many years ago, when I sat in that chair being interviewed. Just wanting to get a job, just wanting to earn some money and the guy who sat across from me said "A man like you comes to a place like this, either he's running away from something or he has nowhere else to go." and I thought "wow was that a punch in the gut". But he hit the nail squarely on the head. He had done what most great salespeople do without thinking - He had profiled and qualified me. I needed a job that gave me the opportunity to make a good income and sales did just that. So like most guys who drift into sales - let's be honest - we didn't choose it. We felt like we had no where else to go. It fit what we wanted at the time. We got good at it and took it from there. Some people get good and stay selling, some get good and it leads them into other places and some don't get good and they leave to do something else. So what does this simple guy say to people that sit across the table from him now? It doesn't matter whether you have other choices or not, it doesn't matter whether you choose this place or not but if you want to be successful in business "Get Good At Sales And Take It From There."

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