Sales, Jedi & Preachers Daughter

.“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” − Seth Godin

Once upon a time, in a land far out west, there lived an old salesman. He sold his wares the old fashioned way by calling, meeting and building relationships with people. He was a simple guy. But the world was changing around him and the youngsters were heralding in a new era. They called it social media. The old salesman smirked and responded "Show me the Money" and the youngsters said "You Don't Get It". So the old man decided to do what he always did when he was confused - find a wiser man to talk to. He searched out in cyberspace and found a Jedi Warrior.This was a man with many followers who also understood the language of sales. A man whose father and brothers were military men - he would understand and show the old salesman the path to ROI on this new frontier. And so they connected. They Linked. They Friended and the Salesman Followed him. The Jedi warrior had many followers and one day he said to a few of them - Let us talk offline. Let us connect by phone and tell each other stories. The salesman talked and the Jedi followers told their stories. On the phone a simple guy spoke to a Preachers Daughter and three other complete strangers were connected. The preachers daughter made everyone smile with her insight and you could tell that the force was with her and the others who spoke. And in the background the Jedi warrior smiled. The old salesman hung up the phone and realized he had been looking at this social media thing all wrong. Sales, Business and Life is all about making connections. Sharing and supporting others with what you have. The old salesman and the preachers daughter connected and shared stories and the Jedi warrior smiled. He took his light sabre off to another battle, far, far away, and they all lived happily ever after.

Cast Credits (click to connect):

Jedi Warrior Paul Castain

Preachers Daughter Donna Highfill


  1. I'm speechless Mr Collins. This was very kind of you!

    There was a part of the story that happened behind the scenes:

    The Jedi left that meeting more "Jedi-like" from the knowledge gained on that call. His real estate value went up tremendously from the friendships!

    Thanks again my friend. Made my day!

    With respect and appreciation,
    Paul Castain

  2. Wow, Dan. You have shared this on my birthday and it's the greatest gift you could have given me. Like Paul, I would add something:

    "The Preacher's Daughter then reached out to the wisdom of the Salesman, and found humble lessons that provided greater light to her path. Now she knows that friends are the greatest force in life."

    Thank you Dan!!

    Donna Highfill