Great Expectations.

"I did really cry in good earnest when I went to bed, to think that my expectations had done some good to somebody". ~ Pip.

If you ask me it's the most difficult thing you will ever have to deal with the old man said. You will want them to do so very well. Your children, friends, and certainly those on your teams. You will want them to achieve great things. You're the kind of person who will always hold them accountable. Accountable to what others view as unreasonable standards. ~ You will hold them to ~ Great Expectations.

Sometimes they will make you smile and that makes it all worthwhile.  But sooner or later you'll be dissappointed. Human beings dissappoint each other all the time. You'll find that the higher your standards the more you will be dissappointed. ~ But you must remember one thing:

"It's the expectations we place on ourselves that really matter."

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