On Sympathy.

"I have always despised the whining yelp of complaint and cowardly resolve." ~ Robert Burns.

Ok ~ Let's get this out of the way right up front ~ Some of us are not too good at listening to people when they whine. It's a problem usually caused by our jumping to next actions and proposed solutions instead of... Well listening ~ and letting a person vent about how tough things are for them. A lot of people believe that lacks sympathy ~ Perhaps.

What's strange is when we meet someone who has all the reasons in the world to complain about their lot in life, but don't, we feel a huge amount of sympathy toward them. It's when people talk about their difficulties ~ that the words to a famous song start to play in our head.

"O Fortuna."

It's one of the most powerful pieces of music ever written. But do you know what the words are translated in English? ~ Well it ends with ~

"Everyone weep with me".

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