Where's The Beef?

"I don't think there's anybody there ~ I really don't." ~ Clara Peller.

Have you ever gotten a little frustrated with all the fluff?  With companies, and people, that spout politically correct nothingness in their marketing and message? With the same stuff being said by all?

Have you ever wondered ~ "Is a real person ~ really there?"

Do you ever get frustrated?  With men and women that have the best intentions but... With blogs and 'experts', like this one, who get up on their soapbox and advise us with the same old, same old, words  -

"Just listen, work harder, connect, learn, care and do a little more." 

Have you ever said to yourself...Ok ~ I've Got It. ~ That's Nice. ~ and then thought..."So Where's the Beef?" ~ The thing is... The Beef

Is Never In What We Say.

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