Think In Threes.

"Just Do It."

Brian was a bit of a legend but he always kept to himself. The man had the trifecta of traits that I admired so much. He was Tough, Smart, and Humble. A lot of guys had one or two but all three? ~ Not many.

They said he spoke at least seven languages. He could kick pretty much everyone's butt on base and for some reason he paid attention to a simple young guy who wanted to learn. It was really appreciated.

"You've got to think in threes.~ Our mind seems to pick up stuff in threes". Think about the rule of three in writing or trichotomy in philosophy. 3 is the number of truth. It's past, present and future.

Want to motivate yourself? Here's what you think "Can't means Won't." ~ "Just one More" and "Don't be Weak". Those three will get you through pretty much anything in life, here or anywhere, he said.

When you need to come up with a plan. Think of Three  ~ A, B and C.
How about ~ Vendi, Vidi, Vici? ~ Want to make a point?  Always remember what Churchill said ~ Hit it once with a sledgehammer, Go hit it again, and then come back again and hit it with a mighty whack.

Do you want to teach someone something? ~ Tell them what you are going to say ~ Go Ahead and Say It ~ Then tell them what you said.

Remember soldier ~ "Your mind is your most powerful weapon and for some reason it works in threes". Heck If all else fails, and worse comes to worst, you can always go with ~ "Rock, Paper, Scissors".

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