Most Feared Word.

"If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less." 
~ General Eric Shinseki.

What is the most feared word in all of business? ~ What word does a salesperson hate the most? Is it change? ~ No. ~ The word that makes you, and your business, irrelevant is the one that stops every person who wants to move forward with anything. ~ It's the word that says " I don't care ~ You're not important ~ You're really not relevant to my needs at this time" ~ The most feared word in any business is:

Yes the dreaded "Ni" ~ meaning  ~ Not Interested ~ Not Important.

There are knights, and maidens, that echo this fearsome word to any idea, person, or proposal they deem not worthy. Ni is the word that halts every idea, every thing, and every one from going any further.

Question ~ How do we defeat Ni? ~ How do we turn  "NI" into "IN"

Answer ~ We identify an "Immediate Need."

An immediate need is the only thing that can defeat the dreaded Ni and those knights and maidens who guard the path to our success.

To get past Ni ~ To get In ~ Identify an Immediate Need.

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