I'd Be Honored.

"The fastest learners exhibit two critical character qualities...
They're humble and hungry." ~ Mark Oakes.

Have you ever stepped back and thought about the people who've influenced you in your life? People who made a real difference? The ones who invested their time, attention, and gave something a little bit more of themselves than others. Have you ever asked yourself why?

What did they see?

Over the years a few very special souls gave this simple guy some attention both in the service and in business. Those soldiers, and sages, now make me think about what I look for in others. What do any of us look for?  We can't focus on everyone to mentor, or coach, with unbridled passion. So how do we determine who passes muster? Most of us respect work ethic, honesty, and basic goodness ~That's great criteria. We dismiss those who say one thing and do another.
It's easy to cut them ~ But how do we find those souls who truly care?

How do we determine those who have 'Rudy' in them?

Humble and Hungry gets my vote.

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