Each Day.

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."
~ William Wordsworth.

Often we forget the most important things in life. Each day turns into night and then the sun rises again. A page is turned and another clean sheet presents itself. With the onset of a digital world we seem to have relegated one of the most powerful connections known to man to a secondary role at best. ~ The Pen ~ Paper ~ Mind.

We use it for lists, post its and menial daily tasks but we have forgotten it's power to inspire, applaud and appreciate the most important people and things in our life. We forget how powerful it can be to write down what's meaningful to us. We neglect the connection. Then at the end of the year we make resolutions, and promises, in a hasty effort to make up for what we should be doing each day.

Take A Moment Each Day to write a personal note to yourself.

Just take a single sheet of paper and remind yourself of those people and things you are thankful for, goals you would like to accomplish, and any other thought that is important to you. Take a moment and...

Write A Note To Yourself Each Day.

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