It's The Leads.

" When you reach the top keep climbing." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

An ambitious young salesperson was determined to get to the top no matter what it took. So he embarked on a quest. To find out what it takes to get to the top of the sales board he visited hundreds of companies around the country and asked everybody one simple question. "Why is the same salesperson always at the top of the board?" In every company, every year, it seemed to him that the same salesperson always came out on top. Earned the most. Won the most awards and led the pack.~ Every Year ~ Why is that? ~ he asked.

And every other salesperson answered ~ It's The Leads.

Then he returned to his company and sought out a wise old mentor.
A man who had been in sales for over half a century and would give him the straight skinny. After retelling his experience to the old campaigner he asked ~ "So is it the leads?" The seasoned veteran smiled and said ~ Yes. ~ But let me explain. The very best get the very best. That's how the world works, he said. A lot of salespeople need to grow up and recognize that business, and life, is all about dependability. Customers depend on it. Management depends on it. Shareholders depend on it and Employees families depend on it. Someone has got to deliver dependably. Those at the top of the board have made it a habit to deliver results dependably. ~ That's It.

So yes, he said, it's the leads. ~ But think about it this way:

L = Leads.

Whether you inherit, earn, are given, or prospect leads yourself you need to deliver dependably on them or they will go to someone else.

E = Expectations.

Those at the top of the board have higher expectations. Of themselves and what they do with leads. They expect and deliver results.

A = Actions.

To get to the top of the board you'll need to get yourself, and others, to take uncomfortable actions. You'll need to get leads to take action.

D = Deliver.

All the talk in the world won't get you the best leads or to the top of the board. You will need to deliver results first young man.

The old mentor gazed up at the sales board in his office and said...
Yep  ~ "It's the leads ~ but to get the best leads you will need to deliver results first. He smiled and said ~ "Isn't that a bitch?"

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