Resistance Is...

"Resistance is Futile." ~ The Borg.

Why do we resist coaching? ~ Why do we resist change even if it's for our own good? ~ Why do we keep doing the same things and expect different results? ~ Why do we need to be pushed, persuaded, and convinced to change behavior? ~ Why doesn't it just happen naturally?

It's our fight and flight response. Because we've evolved to the point where we no longer have to fear for our life our fears have also evolved. We resist input. Input threatens our status quo. It's illogical I know ~
But It's True. We fight and flee from the input of others even though our intellect tells us not to. We push back. It's simply self preservation.
It's the evolution of our species. We fear the loss of our identity.

We resist change ~ We fear assimilation.

So if you are trying to coach, help, teach or inspire here's a tip.
Don't beat yourself up too much when people don't do what you advise. It's simply evolution. ~ It's the fight and flight response.

It's human nature for us to not want to be assimilated. :)

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