"A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still"
~ Benjamin Franklin.

There's a myth in sales and business. A myth that says turning a no into a yes is an accomplishment. ~ A sign of prowess and great salesmanship. ~ It seems Ben Franklin would say otherwise.

A Yes is great. ~ A No is also great. ~ A Maybe is... Well it's simply an opening. What we do with that opening is critical. Do we let it just sit there and wait? Like some timid bystander, waiting, watching, and hoping? ~ Or do we move it forward with questions & next actions?

A maybe is a challenge to our professionalism. Its' a call for us to act. An invitation to ask questions and listen intently. It could be a no in disguise ~ A yes but later ~ Or a "I really don't want to deal with this" but it's up to us to find out. A maybe is simply a signal that we've entered an intersection. It's a yellow light that we need to move towards red or green. It's not a sign to sit, and wait, in the intersection.

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