"As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence."
~ Lao Tsu.

Who will be the greatest leader of all time?  ~ Nobody.

The greatest leaders inspire us without us ever knowing it was them. 
We believe it came from us. The greatest leaders get us to do what we would not otherwise do and be more than we believe we can.

Some years ago I saw a very funny and thought provoking movie called  "My Name Is Nobody". 
The story tells of a young man who idolized a famous gunslinger who was about to retire. He convinced the cowboy to go out in style by facing down the infamous Wild Bunch.
One Man Against A Hundred and Fifty. ~ The youngster called himself  "Nobody".  Nobody influenced the gunman to stand up and face tremendous odds.  Nobody influenced him to be more than he was.

Some of us give credit when we do this to the big guy. Some believe we can name the leaders who have influenced us to strive and overcome adversity. And others think that they lead and drive themselves. ~ Who knows?


I don't know who the greatest leader of all time was. But I believe that the best leaders are often not recognized or admired. They lead us without knowing. They influence us in simple ways. They are the men and women who have the traits that we admire and emulate. 

They're not famous. ~ They're not known ~ They Are  ~ Nobody.

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