True Achievement.

"Never, Ever, Quit." ~ Winston S. Churchill.

Everyone knows the quote. The call to strive, continue, persevere and overcome from one of the greatest men in history. A man who made a difference. A man who inspired a nation to keep going and striving through the darkness. A man who truly achieved greatness.

But very few people know of the words he said during his last days.
His words of discouragement and despair that resonated so strongly with a boy who considers him a father, hero and inspiration. At the sunset of his life, Sir Winston Churchill confided to a close friend:

"I've worked very hard and achieved a great deal only to achieve nothing in the end."

Discouragement is natural for each of us ~ but you know what? Although I never met Sir Winston he made an enormous difference in my life. He really achieved something. He inspired and inspires me.

So when you get discouraged recognise only this...You have made, and will make, a difference in someones life. Some people will be close and some you may never meet. When you feel discouraged and defeated ~ When you want to give up ~ If only for them:

Never, Ever, Quit.

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