The Future.

"The empires of the future are the empires of the mind."
~ Winston Churchill.

What if we could all learn from pure data? ~ If we could get our news without spin and agenda? ~ If we could access information that was completely devoid of opinion or subjective input? ~ If our searches returned more than advertisements or paid placements constructed to simply monetize a query? ~ What if our inquiry returned completely neutral FACTS and OPTIONS. What if we could communicate with a being that delivered pure DATA? Well we can't of course because someone, somewhere, a human being, has to upload that data.

But just imagine the possibilities if we could remove the subjective aspect of information. If we could always trust that the communication back to us was totally free of agenda and personal perspective.

Business decisions, Buying and Selling, Personal Development, Health, and all the affairs and inhabitants of our world could be advised with pure, unadulterated, logic. No politics, no spin, no right or left, no disagreeable diatribe fueled by preconceptions and preference. Yes it would be cold and colorless. Lacking in emotion and ego. Empirically empty and devoid of desire. It certainly would remove instinct and ambition from the equation and it would lack the soul that has created musical, literary and artistic masterpieces throughout history. But it would be interesting to see how it would effect our decisions and world.

As children we learned from books, people, and experience. But what if we each had a data android. One that could provide us with unvarnished advice. Pure clarity. Not as a playmate but as a resource of reliable, agenda free, guidance. Imagine... No politics. Truly unbiased news and credible guidance available without an agenda.

Imagine ~ The Future.

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