The Eagle.

"Don't quack like a duck. Soar like an eagle." ~ Ken Blanchard.

There's a story told by Arapaho indians to young men who want to become warriors. It's about a test they will have to take to become a respected leader. The test is a fitting fable for any leader who wishes to work with the very best, the eagles, in any field of endeavor.

Eagles fly the highest of all living beings. Their nests are found at the peak of the tallest mountains. A rite of passage for any young man who would become an arapaho warrior was to scale the mountain and collect feathers from an eagles tail and bring them back to the chief of the tribe. With a rodent attached to him, to attract the mighty bird, the warrior began his climb. As the eagle swooped down to snare the tasty morsel the young man would grasp the king of the sky and hang on for dear life. The eagle would scream and tear at the young warriors flesh with it's razor sharp talons as the Indian tried to pluck feathers from its tail. The mighty bird would dig deep into sinew, flesh, and bone testing the warriors resolve and determination to complete his task.

The best soldiers, salespersons, and people in general are eagles.
The truest warriors, those that fly the highest, have claws and mighty sharp talons. Eagles are not the easiest to coach, lead, or work alongside. But... If You Want The Best ~ You Must Be The Best.

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